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CWT Austrália


Fernao is a star employee. He is dedicated, professional and creative. When I gave Fernao ownership of a project I was always confident in the delivery and Fernao exceeded expectations everytime. Fernao is also strong at building relationships and very personable. I thoroughly enjoyed having Fernao in my team, he helped advance the team and I hope I have the opportunity to work with Fernao again. 



Fernão is definitely one of the best Procurement Managers I have worked with. He is a take-charge person with strong Travel negotiation knowledge, business skills and is always ready to provide solutions and present creative ideas.
He has successfully delivered several projects within his categories, where I could notice his skills. In summary, Fernão is a great partner to team up with to deliver great results and would make a great asset to any organisation. 

Agrega Intelligent Procurement


I had a very good experience by working with Fernao. He is a great professional, where I saw many examples of his talent and I was impressed how fast we learned the way of working with our two demanding and complex partners (AB-Inbev and British American Tobacco) always with the best approach. Further, he has strategic thinking with an amazing ability in managing stakeholders and projects, aligned with internal processes and business needs. Besides, it was very pleasant and fun to work with him. I found in Fernao a remarkable colleague to work with, high work ethic and enthusiastic for his projects, ready to help his colleagues and always with a good word when needed. I strongly recommend Fernao. 

Philips/Amex GBC


I have had the pleasure of working with Fernão. He is one of the best professionals that I had opportunity to work in my career. He is very mature and respectful, highly focused on the results, customer service and colaborative with the Travel Industry worldwide basis. Besides this, he has a vaste background, sustainable relationships and knows very well the market. The main feature, he is a person who you can really trust. 


 Já era uma pessoa extraordinária nas classes, sempre muitointeligente, participativo e com boas idéias. Sem dúvidas um alunomuito dedicado, educado, e com uma ótima letra no caderno, umabraço. 


 Working with Fernão was very pleasent, both on the professionaland personal sides. He is a very proactive and dedicatedprofessional, when he takes a project you can take for granted thathe'll overdeliver results in a record time. I would definitely workwith him again.